Spray on Sunscreen Concerns

…Skin Care Thursday…

The FDA has been investigating the safety of spray-on sunscreens since 2011.  They have yet to issue a ruling on the concerns with spray-on sunscreen.  Consumer Reports has issued a warning to parents of young children to choose lotion versus spray on sunscreen.  They are currently deemed safe for adults to utilize (check your ingredient label), do not spray on face.

Spray on Sunscreen Concerns

Why do we use spray on sunscreens?


What are the issues surrounding the spray on sunscreens?

1. The person applying the spray inhales the chemicals that are questionable within the product

2. Children who are sensitive to inhalants will have increased health concerns

How can we apply spray on sunscreen?

1. Rub on your hands and apply to skin

2. Read your ingredient label & choose sunscreens with the least amount of ingredients

3. Look for sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

In conclusion:

The pros of using sunscreen outweigh the cons, be a smart consumer!


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