Benefits of Witch Hazel

I’m back from summer detox!  It’s been an enjoyable summer with hours of sun, white powdery sand, and beautiful turquoise water!  Summertime is a perfect time of year to spend with family and enjoy your days minus the school year distractions.  Our summer trip to Turks and Caicos was very eventful this year.  We savored our time with three different families during our weeks on the island.  We spent one week [plus hours prior to our trip] coordinating and assisting at a community basketball camp for island kids.  This was incredibly rewarding for the entire family, we pulled through the week in a gym pushing 95• on up.

Skin Care Thursday Benefits of Witch Hazel

The downfall of the trip were the illnesses incurred by family members and friends with the numerous amount of trips to the medical offices on the island.  The upside, top notch medical care–great feeling when your abroad and not feeling too well.

Beyond the sicknesses, we had an amazing time as always!  I’ve also been very active with pursuing another part of my life as a “travel consultant”–none other than  GURVY TRAVEL. Stay tuned…

Skin Care Thursday Benefits of Witch Hazel

Unfortunately time has elapsed, and my vacation is over but no one can take away the memories!  School’s in and GURVY GREEN is back with loads of new posts to share.

…Skincare Thursday…


Skin Care Thursday Benefits of Witch Hazel

Have you heard of this natural astringent with amazing benefits?


it will zap your acne to bits gently and naturally


soak it several times a day, bye bye bruise


cleanses the skin of germs, bacteria and inflammation


soothes the itch

So what are you waiting for, go out and buy your bottle today you’ll ask yourself why you waited so long.  My daughter has been a loyal customer as she dabs a little on a cotton ball to zap her acne good-bye overnight!  I’ve  shared (2) brand.  Thayer’s [preference]as it does not include alcohol.  Dickinson’s contains 14% alcohol.  Both are amazing!!

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