Rethink the Pink Ribbons hiding toxic chemicals

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October is breast cancer awareness month and as you roam the stores you see shelves filled with pink ribbon items.  As a breast cancer survivor this makes me really angry to see how many companies are making false promises to donate to  breast cancer as they tout their pink ribbon items yet many of those pink ribbon products are hiding with toxic chemicals!  Be a smart consumer and don’t be fooled by false slogans, think before you pink.

breast cancer pink washing

breast cancer pink washing

[P  I  N  K  W  A  S  H  I  N  G ]

The pink ribbon is not regulated by any agency so where are the proceeds going?  Hmmmmm, that’s the million dollar question.

“There are a number of companies who do not contribute any portion of the proceeds earned from pink products to a breast cancer organization.”

“If they are donating a portion of the sale…how much? what organization? and how is the money used?”

“If the company is putting a cap on the donation amount, how do we the consumers know when that amount is reached?”

“Some companies promise to send a portion of the proceeds from pink products, yet require further action on the consumers part.  What?”

As you see in the image above many personal care products with the pink ribbon contain carcinogens, so where’s the fight in that?

As a breast cancer survivor I contribute directly to an organization where I know my donation will be received and used to fight the cause!

What are your feelings on pink washing?


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