I’m Gurvinder: lover of fresh eats, mint tea, and a busy mom of three.  Born in Africa — but bread in California, I now happily reside in the four-season Crab State of Maryland.  I believe in hard work, my husband, and raising three attitude-filled but incredibly amazing children who remind me every day that I, indeed, am no expert.  Though in my single days “hard work” meant the hustle and bustle of  8 to 5 — in 2007 the words, “you have breast cancer” — changed my life and transformed my lifestyle forever.

After years of staying off the radar, and launching momtomomhealth.com to educate women on personal care products — GurvyGreen is a little piece of the blogosphere where I share my thoughts, insecurities, and laughable moments as I reintegrate to what most would call “adult life”.  Stick around for quick tips on how to live a healthier life, the secrets you pick up as a stay-at-home-mom (“sham”) on how to save a buck or two, and reflections from the former corporate gal who has been off the grid for a decade (or two).

Welcome to my blog about re-birth and becoming….




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Simple Northern Life says:

    Looking forward to following your journey as a mom and one that is green. I am trying to simplify my life and through this process so far my family and I are eating organic and I am making my own products for cleaning and want to for beauty as well. Have a wonderful night, Allie.

  2. pintentionalliving says:

    Nice to “meet” you! Thanks for stopping by the Grow Together page and sharing your info. Looking forward to following your blog!

  3. Diane | An Extraordinary Day says:

    Gurvy…it’s a pleasure to meet you and ‘hear’ your story. Glad to see that you are a fabulous survivor. Looking forward to your great healthy tips…sort of a hobby of mine, too, though I don’t blog about it.

    Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

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