3-healthy power snacks

Costco is full of good finds!  I’m sharing a yummy filling snack full of fresh ingredients.

{perfect power snack for in-between games on the weekend}

{pick me up snack for your purse}

{healthy kids snacks for school}

180 healthy snacks cranberry pomegranate, blueberry, cashew trail mix crunch

The snack aisle is the last one I run through before hitting the cash register.  I discovered this box from 180 snacks with 3 varieties of snack packs, boasting “all natural oven-baked to perfection”.  As an educated shopper to “all natural” I searched for the ingredient label, and WOW these are the real deal.  I proceeded to grab the box, came home tried all 3 snack packs and I have to admit they are all tasty, crunchy, and FRESH! Being a huge cashew fan, my favorite is the Cashew Crunch.

Cashew Crunch 180 snacks all natural oven baked to perfection

4g of protein

Blueberry Pomegranate Trail Crunch 180 snack all natural oven baked

5g of protein

Cranberry Pomegranate Trail Mix Crunch all natural oven baked

5g of protein

What’s your favorite healthy snack?


Benefits of a personal humidifier

My boys were down and out with the flu last year and this year it struck my daughter terribly.   Her stuffy, runny congested nose made her significantly uncomfortable during the day but especially during bedtime.  Standing in line to fill her Tamiflu prescription at my local pharmacy and noticed a personal humidifier displayed next to the cash register.

Humax Humidifier

 I inched closer for a better view of this quiet portable machine with a water bottle propped on top and a steady stream of steam shooting out from two different vents.   I have a few room humidifiers at home, yet this caught my attention due to the size.   It was 39.99, and now a new member of our family.

humidifier 2

It sat on my daughter’s night stand, and ran throughout the evening as quiet as a mouse.  No filling water, throw a water bottle on top and it’s ready to go! Her nightstand is the same height as her bed which allowed for a short distance for the steam to open her nasal passages.  Don’t let it’s size fool you, it’s very durable and the steam output is impressive.  The vents are movable, allowing for you to direct the steam.  Thumbs UP!


Do you have a favorite humidifier?

Looking for a game to play at your next party?

Look no further, LeftCenterRight will entertain all ages!

Left Center Right

Young and old it doesn’t matter, everyone will fall in love with this dice game instantly.  As we gathered some close friends together {adults} we were looking for some games to play and my dear friends the O’s suggested this addictive game.  We didn’t know what to expect, took us by surprise how excited and competitive everyone became minutes after the first player rolled the dice.  The game includes tokens but we were the real deal, we asked all guests to come with $40 in ones.  My wonderful guests came with $1 bills in hand and we all sat at a table together with three $1 bills in front of us. [it’s best if couple’s sit apart from one another, your odds of winning the pot are better]

 Now all you do is decide who rolls first…..

LCR Contents

The money shuffles from the roller to the left, to the right, to the pot, or stays put!  The number of dice you roll depends on how many dollar bills {or tokens} are sitting in front of you. If you have no more money {or tokens} in front of you, fear not the person to the left or right of you may throw some your way soon.


At the end of the game the person with the last $dollar$ standing will win the entire pot.  {cha-ching}

Keep in mind this does not have to be a game of gambling, as I mentioned it comes with tokens.  I have entertained my kids friends with this game as well and used gum or candy as tokens.  During the summer LCR was also a hit outside near the pool! It’s easy to take with you on trips and keep the fun rolling.

Thank you for bringing the entertainment home O’s. 

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Mess Free Santa Cookie Decorating

Merry Christmas

Santa is coming to town, roll up your sleeves and lets start baking and decorating.  Oh what fun it is!  Cookie Decorating could leave your kitchen with a huge clean up bill for good ol’ mom.  I have had several kids in and out of my kitchen this season baking, decorating.  A light bulb went off in my head, give each decorator a personal space to create.

Cookie Box

Line each box with parchment paper

small cupcake liners are ideal for sprinkles

small cupcake liners are ideal for sprinkles

easy to use cookie decorating frosting

easy to use cookie decorating frosting

Place your sprinkles, and a plastic knife inside each decorator's box

Place your sprinkles, and a plastic knife inside each decorator’s box

Grab your apron and rolling pin to bake away & create some yummy cookies for Santa!

Grab your apron and rolling pin to bake away & create some yummy cookies for Santa!

Have FUN baking and decorating, Santa will be coming to town soon!!

Don’t forget to blast your Christmas Music, your kids will love it (mine are so over it!) 🙂

Merry Christmas to all!!

How to decorate a Gingerbread House

Steps to decorating a Gingerbread House:


Allow your blank canvas to reach your creative spirits

Gingerbread house


The house does not come with many goodies to decorate, choose your favorites and  decorate with the pre-made icing in your kit

(We added: cookie stars, chex cereal, licorice, hershey’s kisses, reindeer cookies, gummies)

Gingerbread House


Gingerbread Houses DSCF0117 DSCF0118

Check out my first you tube video on How to assemble your Gingerbread House

Fill your home with your personal festive gingerbread house!

gingerbread house tour

How to assemble a pre-made Gingerbread House

Pre-made Gingerbread Houses are the only way I roll during the Holiday Season.  I usually end up assembling a few as my kids entertain their friends with a Gingerbread House Decorating Party & I have the houses built and ready to decorate prior to their arrival.  The houses are available at my local craft store and contain pre-made icing (new from last year), some decorating candy, piping bag and tip.

Gingerbread box

How to assemble your Gingerbread House

How to Decorate your Gingerbread House

3-things: Cranberry Crafts for the Holidays

Is it already December? My oh my where did the year go?

Hands down, my favorite time of year! My crafty festive side put together 3 simple additions to any table this holiday.  I hope you enjoy them and they help out in a pinch when your table needs that one more item to pull it together.

Candle Holder

Be creative and make 3 or 4 and display them as a centerpiece.

Candle Holder 2

Candle Centerpiece


Bowl  or recycled jars ~  Sprigs of Green  ~  Cranberries  ~  Water  ~  Candles


Share your favorite holiday centerpieces