Benefits of Witch Hazel

I’m back from summer detox!  It’s been an enjoyable summer with hours of sun, white powdery sand, and beautiful turquoise water!  Summertime is a perfect time of year to spend with family and enjoy your days minus the school year distractions.  Our summer trip to Turks and Caicos was very eventful this year.  We savored our time with three different families during our weeks on the island.  We spent one week [plus hours prior to our trip] coordinating and assisting at a community basketball camp for island kids.  This was incredibly rewarding for the entire family, we pulled through the week in a gym pushing 95• on up.

Skin Care Thursday Benefits of Witch Hazel

The downfall of the trip were the illnesses incurred by family members and friends with the numerous amount of trips to the medical offices on the island.  The upside, top notch medical care–great feeling when your abroad and not feeling too well.

Beyond the sicknesses, we had an amazing time as always!  I’ve also been very active with pursuing another part of my life as a “travel consultant”–none other than  GURVY TRAVEL. Stay tuned…

Skin Care Thursday Benefits of Witch Hazel

Unfortunately time has elapsed, and my vacation is over but no one can take away the memories!  School’s in and GURVY GREEN is back with loads of new posts to share.

…Skincare Thursday…


Skin Care Thursday Benefits of Witch Hazel

Have you heard of this natural astringent with amazing benefits?


it will zap your acne to bits gently and naturally


soak it several times a day, bye bye bruise


cleanses the skin of germs, bacteria and inflammation


soothes the itch

So what are you waiting for, go out and buy your bottle today you’ll ask yourself why you waited so long.  My daughter has been a loyal customer as she dabs a little on a cotton ball to zap her acne good-bye overnight!  I’ve  shared (2) brand.  Thayer’s [preference]as it does not include alcohol.  Dickinson’s contains 14% alcohol.  Both are amazing!!

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Spray on Sunscreen Concerns

…Skin Care Thursday…

The FDA has been investigating the safety of spray-on sunscreens since 2011.  They have yet to issue a ruling on the concerns with spray-on sunscreen.  Consumer Reports has issued a warning to parents of young children to choose lotion versus spray on sunscreen.  They are currently deemed safe for adults to utilize (check your ingredient label), do not spray on face.

Spray on Sunscreen Concerns

Why do we use spray on sunscreens?


What are the issues surrounding the spray on sunscreens?

1. The person applying the spray inhales the chemicals that are questionable within the product

2. Children who are sensitive to inhalants will have increased health concerns

How can we apply spray on sunscreen?

1. Rub on your hands and apply to skin

2. Read your ingredient label & choose sunscreens with the least amount of ingredients

3. Look for sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

In conclusion:

The pros of using sunscreen outweigh the cons, be a smart consumer!

Cochineal beetles sound appetizing?

…Skin Care Thursday…

Would you believe me if I disclosed the fact that you’ve most likely ingested crushed beetles from your foods or cosmetics?

Pronounced [ko-sha-neel]

Peru is the largest exporter, of the cochineal beetle.  The female bodies are dried and boiled in water to create an acid which is then used to produce a red or pink dyeing agent for food and cosmetics.  It takes approximately 40,000 cochineal bugs to produce one pound of cochineal extract.

Cochineal Beetles sound appetizing

Yes it’s true companies are crushing these little bugs to add color to your foods and lip and eye make up.  Check your labels when purchasing yogurt, ice cream, strawberry milk, fake crab or lobster meat, maraschino cherries, port wine cheese, skittles, and many more food items.

Cochineal Beetles sound appetizing

But it won’t read “beetles” on the ingredient label.  Look for the code words: [COCHINEAL EXTRACT] or [CARMINE].   Carmine can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, asthma, hives, and in some cases anaphylactic shock.  Oh and yes this colorant is approved and deemed safe by the FDA!

Some will argue it’s a natural dye, sounds like green washing to me.

What’s wrong with deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables?

raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries for shades of red, pink and purples

lutein from marigolds, beta carotene from carrots, or lycopene from tomatoes

What are your feelings on crushed beetle ingestion?

When is the best time to take my vitamins

Skin care Thursday

I dread taking my vitamins/supplements each day, so I grab a huge glass of water and start one by one.  I started reading how some vitamin/supplements intake can affect the way our body absorbs and utilizes nutrients. I am definitely not taking my supplements correctly and they are just “passing through”. This information has changed my way of consuming my supplements.

How many vitamins does a woman over 40 take daily


Best to take on an empty stomach in the morning and not with other supplements.


Best with a glass of water and food in the evening to help calm muscles and your nervous system as calcium is a muscle relaxant.   Enjoy a good nights rest.


Best with food and taken early as it turns your food into energy!


Best with your largest meal of the day as it needs fat to be absorbed


Best if taken at bedtime, studies show most heart attacks occur in the morning the evening aspirin may reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Find more on vitamins, click here

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Can food cause acne?

….Skin Care Thursday….

 Acne and Food are very closely related, you are what you eat.  Your food intake isn’t the only culprit, but a huge one that we can try to control.  Many of us grow to know what foods are increasingly terrible for our skin.  I know my weakness and love for chocolate never sits well with me, it pops out on my T-zone.  As a teenager I used to break out all over my forehead and had no clue what was causing it besides hormones.  Now with some years behind me (just a few) I know my skin and I know exactly what will harm my skin.  Gurvy Green your skin to look and feel its best with tips you’ve heard many times, but this time make an effort to apply them.

Statistics show 50% of adults and 85% of teens suffer from acne.

Can food cause acne

Can food cause acne

Can Food cause Acne

Sound Familiar?  Hope these are quick reminders to better looking skin.

Gurvy Green tip for natural acne relief: 

T  –  U  –  R  –  M  –  E  –  R  –  I  –  C

the super spice from India is an anti-inflammatory and a potent antioxidant

Can food cause acne

1. Combine turmeric and water into a paste and apply to acne for a 5 minutes.

2. Use daily until acne has been cured.

Ingredients to avoid in traditional acne creams:

1. Alcohol  (they will dry out your skin)

2. Benzoyl Peroxide (causes drying, inflammation and can contribute to continued breakouts)

3. Fragrance (can contribute to increased acne)

What’s your acne treatment?

Avoid Baby Oil (mineral oil)

Skin Care Thursday

We have all used Baby Oil on our kids and some times ourselves to moisturize our skin.  Why, because it feels so soft and smells so delicious.  STOP!  We’ve been mislead as the main ingredient in Baby Oil is [MINERAL OIL].

Mineral Oil is a byproduct of petroleum which produces gasoline = full of chemicals and why would we want petroleum on our skin?

Avoid Baby Oil (Mineral Oil)

Mineral oil doesn’t moisturize our skin, instead it forms a barrier over our pores preventing anything from getting in or out {aka suffocation}.  The absolute reverse of what we want for our skin, your skin needs to breathe and eliminate waste not get smothered and build up toxins.

There are healthier alternatives to Baby Oil that you can find in your kitchen pantry:

Avoid Baby Oil (Mineral Oil)

If you still have a bottle of  Baby Oil sitting around the house don’t let it go to waste:

1. Rub a small layer on your shower door to help with soap scum build up

2. Aids in removing labels from glass jars

Do you own a bottle of Baby Oil? 

Nourish your skin with healthy foods

….Skin Care Thursday….

The saying goes, “you are what you eat“.   I don’t know about you but when I don’t drink enough water or eat {things} [chocolate] I shouldn’t, my skin pays for it.  Dr. Oz posted a simple chart on How to Eat your Vitamins, I tweaked with a little and added (3) choices in each category which rank at the top of vitamin food chain.  So after you take a look, if you don’t have [Spinach] in your refrigerator I think you’ll run out and buy some today.

Simple Chart on How to Eat Your Vitamins

Need a simple reminder, click here & print your own chart

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Can you add any foods to the list?