Rethink the Pink Ribbons hiding toxic chemicals

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October is breast cancer awareness month and as you roam the stores you see shelves filled with pink ribbon items.  As a breast cancer survivor this makes me really angry to see how many companies are making false promises to donate to  breast cancer as they tout their pink ribbon items yet many of those pink ribbon products are hiding with toxic chemicals!  Be a smart consumer and don’t be fooled by false slogans, think before you pink.

breast cancer pink washing

breast cancer pink washing

[P  I  N  K  W  A  S  H  I  N  G ]

The pink ribbon is not regulated by any agency so where are the proceeds going?  Hmmmmm, that’s the million dollar question.

“There are a number of companies who do not contribute any portion of the proceeds earned from pink products to a breast cancer organization.”

“If they are donating a portion of the sale…how much? what organization? and how is the money used?”

“If the company is putting a cap on the donation amount, how do we the consumers know when that amount is reached?”

“Some companies promise to send a portion of the proceeds from pink products, yet require further action on the consumers part.  What?”

As you see in the image above many personal care products with the pink ribbon contain carcinogens, so where’s the fight in that?

As a breast cancer survivor I contribute directly to an organization where I know my donation will be received and used to fight the cause!

What are your feelings on pink washing?


Did you know WINE is FINE

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Did you know WINE is FINE.  Okay before we get too excited [in moderation].

Benefits of Red Wine:

1. Reduces the risk of heart disease

2. Lowers your risk of heart attack

3. Lowers your risk of Alzheimer’s

4. Lowers your risk of cancer

Women [one glass a day]

Men [two glasses a day]

Glass =  4oz. of Red Wine

Did you know a glass of wine is fine


What’s your favorite brand of red wine?

How to shop for eggs? cage free, free range, pasture raised?

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The egg aisle is getting fancy names these days too.  Brown eggs, white eggs, cage free, free range, omega 3, and now pasture raised.  Eggs are a go to meal when my family is in need of a pick me up protein.  Yet why is the nutritional powerhouse comprised of many confusing choices and what do they all mean.  Each time I shop for eggs I come home with brown eggs, but why? I don’t know they look healthier I suppose.  So enough scratching my head lets get down and dirty with eggs!

How to shop for eggs? cage free, free range, pasture raised?

What’s the difference between brown and white eggs?

NO nutritional difference, only which color chicken laid the egg–shocking!

How to shop for eggs? cage free, free range, pasture raised?

How to shop for eggs? cage free, free range, pasture raised?

[Cage-Free]  [Free-Range]

How to shop for eggs? cage free, free range, pasture raised?

Typically our supermarkets are supplying eggs from commercially farmed chickens.  We are imaging a picturesque family farm yet it’s not the case 80% of the time.  Tens of thousands of chickens are kept in tight spaces with no room to move around, but they’re cage free (really).  Free range, I’m imagining them roaming in the beautiful outdoors. Reality is they have a small door that most don’t even use and the outside space is confined and tiny. This is so upsetting.


How to shop for eggs? cage free, free range, pasture raised?

Chickens are fed an omega-3 diet usually in the form of flaxseed.

[Pasture Raised]

How to shop for eggs? cage free, free range, pasture raised?

Wow I’m thinking open fields, and lots of tall grass.  This is the new black in eggs.  These are usually eggs from local farms where the chickens see lots of day light and roam free through natural diets with seeds, green plants, insects and worms.  Organic is best, yet it’s too expensive for many small farmers to have their eggs certified organic.

How to shop for eggs? cage free, free range, pasture raised?

What eggs do you bring home?

Mom why are you always so grumpy?

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Mom why are you always so grumpy?  Do you get this a lot?  My answer does not change, if you react to the things I’m constantly asking you to do I wouldn’t have anything to get “grumpy” about.  Simple example, when you come home there’s a lonely cubby waiting for your backpack yet day after day it sits by the front door for hours.  Moms are voicing the same frustrations around the globe.  (it’s not only YOU) Even if you’re not a mom I think many can institute these house rules to a spouse.  I was enlightened by these quotes I stumbled across on Pinterest and had to share them today.

Mom why are you always so grumpy

What rules would you add?

Clean Nail Polish choices at Ulta

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[DBP]   [Toulene]   [Formaldehyde]

The 3 red flags in nail polish are hard to avoid, yet I had a smile on my face as I flipped through the new Ulta catalog and came across the first page of nail polish.

 Three companies (Der ME lect, Zoya & Sparitual)  FREE of the TOXIC  TRIO!  This has truly made my Wednesday {yes I’m a little bazaar}

Utla free of toxic trio

Ulta Nail Polish free of Toxic Trio

What’s your spring color?

What vitamins do women over 40 take?

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Feeling a little sluggish, bones are creaking, not exercising {enough}, forgetful, the list can go on.  I’m on a mission and my vitamins are a small part of helping me feel energized, young, fit and healthy!  My pill organizer has become a handy reminder to pop my vitamins daily.  I have to admit I have forgotten to take them on days, but I’m not beating myself for being absent minded.

What vitamins should I women over 40 be taking

Note: Aspirin is not a vitamin but a healthy daily routine after 40.

I can’t turn the clock back, I’ve made a personal pledge to maintaining my own health.  These little guys are a small part of my journey in making the most out of every day!

How many vitamins does a woman over 40 take daily

Pictured above is my multi vitamin which I take on occasion

Cheers to my body and mind, living healthier and younger!

What vitamins are you taking daily?

Health benefits of Chia seeds vs. Flax seeds

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Hmmm, which seed shall I choose? What are their health benefits?

Chia Seeds vs. Flax Seeds Which is healthier option

Calories and Protein

Chia Seeds vs. Flax Seeds Which is healthier optionOmega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Chia Seeds vs. Flax Seeds Which is healthier optionGreat for the skin, lowering heart disease, and arthritis.  Flax seeds contain lignans that can help protect you against cancers.


Chia Seeds vs. Flax Seeds Which is healthier optionFiber is needed for bowel regularity and eliminating toxins from your body. (could be pretty painful without fiber in your diet)  Chia seeds absorb 10 times their weight in liquid as they form a gel like substance.  (pretty slimy) keeping you full longer, advantage when trying to lose weight.  (hmmm, sounding like a good deal already)


Flaxseeds are not high in antioxidants and can spoil quickly, they need to be stored in the refrigerator.  Flaxseeds need to be bought ground as our bodies will not process the seeds whole.  (so don’t buy the whole seeds unless you’d like to grind on your own)

Chia seeds are ready to eat out of the bag! Chia seeds are very high in antioxidants, stay fresh in your pantry. Both seeds are high in vitamins and minerals.

Sprinkle your seeds


Who wins the battle?

The results point to Chia seeds, yet I find both to be super foods and have huge benefits to our health.  Today on my pantry shelf sits a huge bag of Chia seeds after a visit to Costco.  I sprinkle them into smoothies, and pair with oatmeal.  I’m not a huge fan of mixing into my water as I don’t like the slimy texture it creates.

How do you use your Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds vs Flax Seeds